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Advertise on Jesse Watters Primetime | 888-449-2526

Jesse Watters

Advertise on Jesse Watters Primetime!

As of December 21, 2022, Fox News star Jesse Watters has made cable news history by delivering record-breaking viewer numbers for his hit primetime show.

His show “Jesse Watters Primetime” secured the highest-ever ratings for the 7 pm slot this year.

Watters also stars in the number one show on cable, “The Five.”

“The Five” also set a new record by becoming the first non-primetime cable program in television history to finish the year as cable’s most-watched in total viewers.

But Watters has multiple co-stars on that “The Five,” making what he is doing with his solo show even more impressive.

Jesse Watters Primetime (weeknights, 7 PM/ET) was not only 2022’s fastest-growing cable news show, beating the competition across the board with 2.9 million viewers and 396,000 in the 25-54 age demographic, but it also delivered the highest-rated 7 PM/ET hour in cable news history.

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“The numbers don’t lie; Watters is crushing it everywhere he goes. Fed up with a lying corporate media apparatus and hack journalists, Watters delivers substantive reports and smashes through lies with humor, wit, and facts. And it’s paying off. Mediaite is reporting that this week Watters was able to draw an impressive three-million viewers on not just one program, but two programs in the same evening.” Oct., 2022

He began as a part of the production staff of Bill O’Reilly’s show in 2003, and in 2004, Watters began presenting segments of the program. His “man-on-the-street” presentations gained popularity, enabling him to become a regular contributor on O’Reilly’s show. In November, 2015, ‘Watters’ World’ debuted on Fox News. In April 2017, he became one of the four panelists of the popular talk show ‘The Five.’  Call for ad rates and media kits today at 888-4492-2526.

When you advertise on Jesse Watters’ show, you will reach conservatives and well as liberal (in the middle) because Jesse speaks to many groups of people in America today!

“Jesse was just outstanding!!! Humor doesn’t always translate from TV to a live speech, so you never really know, but he was just superb, so funny and engaging. One of the best speakers we have ever had and worth every penny!!!” Premiere Speakers Bureau

This show is gaining popularity fast so call for your ad rates and media kits today at 888-449-2526.

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