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Print Advertising Deals!

Print advertising presents countless opportunities! We can give you access to stand-by and remnant rates in 1000’s of Newspapers, Magazines and on the digital editions for Online Display in these many well-known periodicals. Call for a remnant rate media plan! 888-449-2526.

Ho Hum Productions (Ho Hum Media Inc.) has developed connections in the print advertising market including some of the largest newspaper and magazines in circulation today. With print advertising you have the opportunity to take advantage of both visual and textual presentations in a format that is always readily available to see over and over again. To many advertisers, this is the most effective way to display their product.

In today’s media landscape, online editions of print media are as important, if not more important for marketing and advertising products, services, events and other offers.  You can access rates, costs and rate cards or media kits here for your media planning efforts.

Please call or fill out the form to get fast service. 888-449-2526. Ask about remnant, standby and discounted rates for all print advertising when you call! You could save up to 90% on print advertising here. Great advertising deals in the top 100 newspapers and magazines in the USA.

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Print Advertising

Print advertising opportunities:

Newspapers – short list for advertisers:

Wall Street Journal
The New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune
Houston Chronicle
Chicago Sun-Times
Orange County Register
Dallas Morning News
San Francisco Chronicle
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Baltimore Sun
Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
Hartford Courant
Hispanic Tribune Network

“I have worked on several projects with Ho Hum Media and found them to be professional, courteous and knowledgeable over a wide spectrum of media channels. I would recommend their agency with great confidence. They have demonstrated the ability to get the job done right and with effective results.” Linda Schwartz – Freedom Media

Benefits of Print Advertising

Some in the advertising world would have you to believe that print advertising is dead. But this isn’t true at all. Print is still very much alive. Just consider how much printed material you receive in your mailbox!Advertisers who use print as part of their marketing mix have the potential to increase their response rates. Here are the six undeniable advantages of print advertising.

1. Print Develops Credibility
Printed publications consistently offer readers a variety of diverse, high-quality content which develops credibility, and advertisers can easily take advantage of this benefit. The brands which place ads in respected print publications receive positive impact from readers who read that publication and that can ultimately leads to sales.

2. Print Media Grabs Attention
People choose to read a magazine or a newspaper, and this makes them more receptive, and grabs their attention toward the ads.

3. Print Media Engages
Print allows you to tailor your campaigns to fit your budget by offering quarter-page, half-page and full-page ads. This benefit always attracts and engages potential customers.

4. Print ads offer more flexibility
Print ads allow you to target your audience. You can choose exactly which section of the newspaper or magazine your audience is most likely to read. You can choose to run ads in magazines or only in papers that deliver to specific geographic locations in your area.

5. Print Ads drive action
Sources report that 65% of print readers typically take some decision after viewing a newspaper ad. As mentioned in the beginning, print advertising is always dramatic and brings huge results.

By taking advantage of print advertising and adding it to your marketing mix, you can leverage the power of print to create the most awareness and revenue possible.

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