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Find remnant, wholesale, local spot, Cable and National ad rates for any TV offering in the USA! Fox  News & Business, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, ESPN and so much more!


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Remnant and Wholesale Radio and TV Advertising

Remnant and wholesale rates are the secret to getting the best advertising bang for your advertising buck! When we think of remnants, we often think of leftover fabric, or scraps. But remnant ad space is simply unsold inventory. These unsold ad spaces can be bought for super inexpensively.

Want to learn how to advertise small businesses for profit and ROI, especially during the holidays? Let us help you plan your day to day business marketing, compete with sales campaigns during the Holiday season. Discover advertising strategy and campaign management tips now. Get in early and save big money on marketing and advertising this year during any holiday cycle. Or, for general everyday methods to drive traffic, ROI or investors and subscribers your way.

Get remnant, discount and wholesale advertising rates for your retail, online or services business. Big savings available in radio, TV, Print and online display if you hurry! Call today! 888-449-2526

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Programmatic advertising deals! Rates, cost, pricing models and ad networks for programmatic advertising and marketing. Online display, real time bidding – target your demo. How much does it cost to advertise with online streaming radio like Pandora, Spotify or on iHeart radio? We can help get you low rates and remnant advertising rates on any online marketing format. We’re your small business advertising specialists for local, regional, national and international marketing campaigns! Call today for free media buying and marketing campaign planning.

WE PUT OUR CLIENTS FIRST! Call this phone number Ho Hum Media Inc. 888-449-2526 today for great remnant advertising rates and cheap national or local radio and TV buys.

Advertising rates for Fox News, Fox Business and Fox sports TV and radio! For Talk Radio shows like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Howard Stern and SiriusXM Satellite radio! For ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, Turner Broadcasting, DIRECTV and DISH. For all national and local radio advertising, TV advertising, Pandora streaming radio too! For Traditional Radio – Internet Radio – Satellite Radio.

Radio advertising presents some of the best value for your advertising budget. Call for rates, cost, rate card, prices and demographics. In addition to traditional radio, you now have both satellite and internet radio available. With this variety of options you can target a specific market or reach a broad national audience.

Once thought to be too expensive and out of reach for the small to mid-sized advertiser, today’s television offers advertising possibilities for almost everyone. Call for rates, cost, rate card, prices and demographics. With the addition of Internet TV take advantage of both the audio and visual aspect of television.

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National Websites – Program Host Websites

Get your offer out there with celebrity and talk radio host endorsements! The internet offers today’s advertiser the unique opportunity to reach specifically targeted markets the were never available before. Call 888-449-2526 for rates, cost, rate card, prices and demographics. Advertise your message on some of today’s most popular talk radio or sports radio hosts websites.

National Radio Networks

National radio networks offer you, the advertiser, the ability to gain access the most listened to programs in the nation. With our established relations, we can help the mid-sized to larger advertiser get your message out to the widest audience possible. For the smaller advertiser, we are often able to secure special deals on specific ad space inventory, allowing almost anyone the availability to sell their product on a national scale.

National Magazines and Newspapers

Ho Hum Productions has developed connections in the print advertising market including some of the largest newspaper and magazines in circulation today. With print advertising you have the opportunity to take advantage of both visual and textual presentations in a format that is always readily available be picked up and looked at over and over again. For many advertisers, this is the most effective way to display their product.

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At Ho Hum Media Inc. we represent top rated radio talk show programs and internet sites. We also provide publicity and media training services for select clients.

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