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At This Hour with Kate Bolduan! Advertise Now!

Kate Bolduan is anchor and host of CNN’s popular program, At This Hour. Kate Bolduan has hosted State of America on CNN International and has co-anchored New Day and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

On the At This Hour show, (weekdays at 11 am ET), Kate Bolduan digs deeper and goes beyond  the headlines to provide viewers with critical live events as they happen, intelligent analysis of current controversial topics and attention-getting interviews with the primary players in politics and more.

Kate Bolduan played a key role in CNN’s coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election during the coronavirus pandemic, reporting live from the pivotal battleground of Pennsylvania. Previously, Kate Bolduan served as a CNN congressional correspondent covering the activities of the U.S. House and Senate.

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Kate Bolduan joined CNN in 2007 as a national correspondent for CNN Newsource, providing breaking news coverage and feature reports for more than 800 CNN Newsource affiliates. During her time with Newsource, Kate Bolduan covered the 2008 presidential election and traveled throughout the United States covering other national headlines.   Get your rates today by calling 888-449-2526.