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Advertise Your Computer Repair Biz on Radio! 888-449-2526

Computer Repair Business Gets Results with Radio!

Your computer repair business is in demand, more than you may know. Almost everyone has a computer these days. Technology is moving so fast and some people can’t afford to just go out and buy a new computer, but some can afford to upgrade, and others just need basic repairs. With your “particular set of skills” you need to get your name out there. Radio is the answer and the best investment you can make with your advertising dollars. Are you ready to handle all the business?

Advertising is a necessary part of any small business, and choosing the right advertising medium can really make all the difference. Today, radio advertising still remains a powerful and cost-effective way to promote your computer repair business.

Computer Repair + man's hands test circuit on computer CPU

To make the most of radio advertising, it’s important to have a message that quickly grabs attention, is informative, memorable, and makes an emotional connection. We can help you create a compelling radio ad! Keep in mind that radio ads are usually brief, so you must be concise and focused.

Radio advertising offers a dynamic opportunity to promote your computer repair business and reach a huge audience. Write a compelling radio ad that highlights your uniqueness, engages listeners, and compels them to take action. 30-second ads run 70-75 words and 60-second ads are twice that, so if you need help, we can assist you with script writing. We are here to help you each step of the way. Our goal is always your success with advertising. We even have several voice over talents available to voice your ad if needed. Call us today at 888-449-2526.

Following are some benefits of advertising your computer repair business on the radio:

Radio advertising has a huge reach, enabling your business to target a large audience. Radio stations often target certain demographics, such as age, gender, and interests, making it easier for businesses to reach their specific market. In your case, since everyone owns a computer, your target audience is everyone!

Radio advertising is cost-effective, especially for small businesses. Unlike TV or even print advertising, radio ads require a lower budget, and businesses can choose from different ad packages based on their budget.

Radio advertising is an excellent way to get your name out there. With repetition of your name and message, customers are much more likely to remember and recognize your computer repair business when they need your services.

Radio stations often have a strong local presence, making it a perfect platform for small businesses to capture the attention of their local audience. This will certainly lead to increased walk-in traffic, or unique visitors to your website, resulting in sales for your computer repair business.

Your script will need to include your business name, location, phone number and a brief message describing your services. Include emotional appeal to grab your audience and make them want to write down your name and number. That’s the goal. We can help you with script writing! 888-449-2526.

Radio produces results like no other media. More than TV, more than social media, more than all other advertising mediums. “Radio listeners are also really loyal—they tend to be the same people who will support local businesses in person, too. This means if you advertise on the radio, you’ll not only get lots of calls now but may also see an increase in foot traffic later as well.”

Being featured on a trusted and popular radio station increases the credibility of your business. More often than not listeners trust a business that is advertised on a popular, local radio station.

We can always help you get the specific radio advertising rates for the station(s) in your area, as well as nationally. Also, depending on your ad campaign, you can save money by asking about remnant rates.

We are here to assist you with media planning, consultation, and script writing. We offer voice over talents and full ad production. Call us today at 888-449-2526.