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How to Advertise on Carley Shimkus – Fox & Friends First | 888-449-2526

Carley Shimkus--888-449-2526

Advertise on Carley Shimkus on Fox & Friends First!

Carley Shimkus, along with her Fox & Friends First co-host Todd Piro, are first up on the FOX network’s live weekday programming. Also, she provides viewers with news updates on the #1 FOX morning show, FOX & Friends (weekdays, 6-9 AM/ET). She reports on various social media trends, entertainment news and consumer business news of the day.

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Carley Shimkus has also served as a substitute anchor on FOX News and a co-host for FOX Nation. She has co-hosted various specials, including “Countdown to All-American New Year” in 2018.

Carley Shimkus is a well-respected producer and news anchor. She is dedicated and focused on bringing something unique and useful to viewers. She is famous for having served at Fox News as an all-around reporter which means that she works on stories that get covered on Fox & Friends and First Fox & Friends on Fox TV.

She attended college at Quinnipiac University and got an opportunity in 2008 to take a semester at George Washington University. It was while she was there that she got interested in journalism and Carley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Broadcast Journalism.

Beginning as a news correspondent in 2009, she was later promoted to become the Associate Producer at Fox Business Network in 2012.

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“Carley is extremely brilliant and aware. One of the most arduous, persevering, intelligent, and consistent reporters I’ve ever watched. And she has clearly made a noticeable improvement over the last two years.”

“Carley Shimkus is a very beautiful young lady with an outstanding career ahead of her. She has amazing character, talent, determination, respect, and many other attributes, etc. She brings freshness and a fresh face to FOX News.”

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Fox & Friends First was watched by a total number of 594,000 people as of November 30, 2022.

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