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Advertise in Florida – 888-449-2526 | Radio, TV, Internet – Rates – Costs – Agency Deals

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Advertise in Florida

To advertise on Radio, TV, Cable or on the Internet – Call 888-449-2526.

Advertise in the beautiful sunshine State and retirement and tourism mecca of Florida. Miami, Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Tallahassee,  and along the gulf coast! You can get rates, costs and for TV, Cable, radio,  mobile,  and online display advertising  – Plus outdoor media! Online editions of newspapers also work well.  Your call to our local and National Ad Agency is the 1st step towards better rates. Local media protects local cash flow and ad rates. When a local agency inquires – the rates are at “normal” levels. A national advertising agency isn’t prospecting the market specifically – and thus, present no lasting threat to local media. Remnant and stand by rates unavailable to local advertising agencies are often available to us. Call today and let us offer a competitive proposal & a free media plan for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Dial 888-449-2526. Target seniors and retirees in large numbers by advertising in Florida. We’ll help you reach them. For the best deal, cheapest radio and TV advertising deals- Call today for a free quote!

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When you use Ho Hum Media Inc. and Ho Hum Productions us as your media buyer, we can leverage decades of relationships and experience to obtain the best services and pricing in the industry. Whether you are advertising in New York, NY, or Los Angeles, CA, or in Miami, Orlando or Jacksonville, Tallahassee or Tampa Bay – St. Pete… our services will save you time, money and heartache. Call to day for a free media analysis and plan. 888-449-2526