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The Chris Salcedo Show Rates | Authorized Agent | 888-449-2526

The Chris Salcedo Show – Advertise on this Show Today!

The Chris Salcedo Show has been on Newsmax TV since June of 2017. The Chris Salcedo Show is currently the third most popular show on Newsmax  and watched by a total number of 214,000 people as of September 22, 2022. Get the lowest ad rates and media kits today! Call 888-449-2526!

Chris Salcedo is a journalist, veteran broadcaster, author and a political analyst. who is currently working as a host of his own show on Newsmax TV called ‘The Chris Salcedo Show, “Liberty Loving Latino” from 8-10 a.m.ET.

Chris formerly worked as an anchor for America’s Radio News Network and aired nationally syndicated shows.

Television is vital for online businesses. A brand’s presence on TV can lend credibility. It exposes that brand to a much larger audience initially than online advertising. Call for ad rates and media kits now. 888-449-2526.

Chris is also Executive Director of the Conservative Hispanic Alliance. The Conservative Hispanic Alliance is the leading voice for conservative Latinos in the USA. “The mission of the Hispanic Conservative Alliance is to give justice to the weak, maintain the rights of the afflicted and destitute, to do good, to love the foreigner, seek justice, correct oppression, and defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

“Chris is a great conservative that is always ready to have a conversation and debate respectfully!”