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National Report Ad Rates on Newsmax TV | 888-449-2526

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National Report has been on Newsmax TV since 2020. National Report is currently the 10th most popular show on Newsmax TV and is watched by a total number of 152,000 people as of September 22, 2022.

Shaun Kraisman is the host of National Report which airs every weekday live at 12 p.m. on Newsmax TV.  The program is a blend of news, live interviews, lively debate segments with panelists, as well as segments on health, personal finance, and lifestyle. Shaun Kraisman presents viewers with breaking news, and in-depth analysis. National Report brings viewers the latest from Washington, Hollywood, the financial markets, and capitals across the world. Shaun Kraisman’s experience has taken him all over the country and around the world. Call for ad rates and media kits now! 888-449-2526.

Shaun Kraisman is a two-time Emmy-nominated television news anchor, reporter and host, and joined Newsmax TV in January of 2020. Newsmax TV is the fastest growing national cable news network in the country.

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“Newsmax is my first channel I turn on! Newsmax is the best! I hope it stays this way!”

“I listen to Newsmax because they cut through the garbage that is put out by the socialist media and give me a clear cut concise report of what is actually going on.”

“Thank you Newsmax for always reporting the truth in a non-biased way. I was directed to Newsmax by a friend and I absolutely love it. Thank you for providing America with a News source we can trust.” Call for ad rates and media kits today! 888-449-2526.