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All In with Chris Hayes! Advertise Now!

All In with Chris Hayes has been broadcasted on MSNBC since April of 2013. All In with Chris Hayes is currently the third most popular show on MSNBC watched by a total number of 1,568,000 people as of August 29, 2022. All In airs weekdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on MSNBC.

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MSNBC’s successful program, All In with Chris Hayes presents “the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.”

“I believe Chris Hayes investigates all his news thoroughly before broadcasting it to the American public. Chris Hayes interacts well with all the people that he has on his news show. A well rounded news anchor that knows what’s going on domestically as well as abroad and can broadcast it clearly to his listeners.”

“I enjoy watching the All In with Chris Hayes show each night. It is clear to me that Chris Hayes is well prepared as he tackles the tough issues of the day.”

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“I am a Vietnam veteran and a retired Lieutenant of the FDNY with 38 years of public service. I just want to express to you how much I enjoy your show and watch it every day if I can and when I can’t I have it recorded. As a native Bronxite I truly believe that you are doing a great public service by giving the public the information it needs to make a sound decision on politics. I thank you for what you do.”

“Chris Hayes is so intelligent and has such an incredible understanding of politics and world news, that his show never ceases to impress me and is well worth the watching.”