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Advertise on the Benny Report on Newsmax TV | 888-449-2526

Advertise on the Benny Report on Newsmax TV

The Benny Report has been aired on Newsmax TV since September of 2020. The Benny Report is watched by 89,000 people as of August 21, 2022.

Benny Johnson is an American political columnist and host of the Newsmax topical news opinion program, The Benny Report. “Benny is known for his intellectual, edgy approach to the world of politics holding the Left accountable.” Benny Johnson’s show has been a stunning success since its debut in September 2020.

Benny Johnson has over 1 million followers on his social media accounts and his original content viral political videos have racked up over 2 billion views on broadcast and online mediums.

The Benny Report’s tagline is “America’s worth fighting for.” In a time of rampant media disinformation, it is critical to follow truth tellers. Benny says that “the mainstream media needs to start holding elected officials accountable and fight for the American public.” In everything he does, Benny’s motto is: “America’s worth fighting for.”

“Benny Johnson is wickedly funny – and unafraid to shower the liberal establishment with the best laugh lines ever.”

Benny Johnson is a “conservative intellectual who delivers razor-sharp humor, and he’s also a bare-knuckle fighter for truth and justice in the D.C. swamp.” He’s also been a frequent contributor on Newsmax TV.